About clinic

Clinic of Plastic
and Aesthetic Medicine
MEDICELL was launched
in Ukraine as an
industry pioneer
– in 1996.

MEDICELL Manager, Oksana Povarnitsyna immediately determined – medicine should comply with the principles of mercy and kindness. The surgeon is responsible not only for the aesthetic result, but also, above all, for the health of patients and their safety. These principles are the same for MEDICELL at the present day.


The basic composition of the clinic’s physicians was formed over 15 years ago.
They all are top-class professionals who have extensive experience and stood at the birth of plastic surgery in Ukraine.

All MEDICELL physicians received the necessary specialized education in Europe with the world-class professionals and today are authoritative experts themselves.

MEDICELL employees are not only fluent in the necessary knowledge and skills, but also the inventors of own techniques in the modern plasty and aesthetic medicine, authors of the monographs and scientific articles that are available and in demand in many countries.

Reference to the quality and credibility

MEDICELL seeks for many years already to comply with its image of a modern European medical center. Technical base of the clinic is replenished annually with new equipment and existing equipment is replaced at least once in 5-7 years.

In view of the high quality and professionalism the cost of services provided by the clinic is high enough, but the range of procedures always allows the physician and patient making the best choice to achieve the desired actual results.

MEDICELL physicians hold sacred the medical confidentiality and never disclose the names of their patients. Therefore, you will never see at the clinic website a list of famous people who have benefited from its services. Although, they are those who make up a significant part of the permanent MEDICELL clientage.

It may happen so, that you will be denied in MEDICELL a desired procedure. Be aware, it happened not because the clinic experts are not sure of the success or their professionalism, but because the main MEDICELL ideology is feasibility, health safety and own naturalness. Many years of clinical experience proves that trends are changing, but the changes, to which you have subjected your face and body, may be irreversible. MEDICELL physicians know that any struggle with the nature ends with a defeat of struggler. Therefore, the beauty is, above all, health, health of body, mind and spirit. And MEDICELL learned to respect this balance of nature and external interference.

MEDICELL physicians hold sacred the Hippocratic Oath and never forget the charity.

The clinic holds monthly free operations for those who essentially need the medical care, but have no money for it. In addition, MEDICELL representatives regularly hold the presentations of the operations for students in higher educational institutions, aiming to prepare a decent professional generation for the Ukrainian market of plastic surgery.

Ukraine, 03035, Kyiv, Kudriashova Street, 20B

(complex "FOUR SEASONS", tower "Autumn")

(095) 654-03-03, (044) 520-19-19 ( -17, -24, - 27)