Buttocks Prosthesis

Buttocks prosthesis


$ 300 mln! No, it`s not the price of a luxury villa in Miami. This is the cost of the buttocks of the famous Latin American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez behind, who prudently insured her main advantage. To have resilient, smart, attractive buttocks - is a luxury, which, alas, is not available from nature for all. Each of us have its specific anatomical features, genetic predispositions, physical training and leads a different lifestyles. All these factors may adversely affect the appearance (shape, size, contour, etc.) of the buttocks. But the vast potential of modern plastic surgery offers a chance for everyone to get the desired shape of the sexiest parts of our body.


Indications of buttocks plasty 


Gluteoplasty (buttocks plasty with silicone implants) is a very common surgery in the field of modern plastic surgery. If you`re still scared of the outdated stereotypes that the buttocks after the surgery become huge and it can be seen "far off", we hasten to assure you that this is not true. Modern silicone implants are of high quality and can fully meet the needs and wishes of the patient. As a result, you get what you have dreamed of for so long – smart buttocks of desired shape and size. And a lot of pleasure from the new sensations of your body! 


If you encounter the problems such as

- Drooping buttocks

- Asymmetry of the buttocks

- Lack of muscle volume of the buttocks

- Atrophy of gluteus

- Deformation of the buttocks,

Gluteoplasty will help you to address any of them. 


Are there any age contradictions for gluteoplasty? 


The buttocks prosthesis is performed at any age, for both women and men.


 What is the peculiarity of modern implants for the buttocks? 


The main feature of the material, which is widely used for buttocks plasty, is its quality, ensuring complete safety of the patient`s health and long-lasting result. The new shell of the implant (silicone elastomer) now has a very solid structure. Silicone gel, which fills this shell, is extremely malleable and ductile, and has a shape memory that gives your buttocks a natural look.


Therefore, you will not notice no artificiality and discomfort both at touch and look. In addition, an individual approach to each patient is a priority of our clinic. An experienced surgeon will tell you in detail about the buttocks correction procedure; perform thorough examination and pick up the implant, which is fully consistent in size and shape with  your body and personal wishes.


 The buttocks prosthesis procedure 


This type of plasty takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes a small incision between the buttocks within the coccyx area. The implants are placed under the buttock muscles, which are stratified during operation. As a result, the silicone prosthesis are securely "hidden" and protected by muscle and adipose tissue. The incision  is has an internal cosmetic seam applied. 


Postoperative period


 After gluteoplasty the patient is recommended to sleep for some time on the stomach. The next five days he will need to wear a special compression garment and refrain from significant physical loads. After 10 days, the expert will be able to remove the seam, the traces of which will disappear in the nearest future. 


The first 5-7 days after surgery the patient will experience mild pain and discomfort when walking, sitting, and standing up since the buttocks area is very mobile. Often, the experts advise patients to spend 2-3 days after the surgery in the hospital. In some cases, patients do not need hospitalization, and within few hours after the surgery can be discharged home. 


The risk of complications during surgery or during rehabilitation is minimal.


Six weeks after gluteoplasty you can resume to your normal life routine. This underlines once again the fact that the buttock prosthetic with silicone implants is the most effective way to get the desired results within the short-term period.


Remember that sexy, emancipated, flourishing, and harmonious body is now in vogue in the world of modern and successful women and men. Do not let the flat and sagging behind make you feel insecure, and overshadow the effect you make on others. After all, the beautiful buttocks are an integral part of our beauty. It should attract the admiring glances with its ideal form. And let the tabloids write that your buttocks is worthy of billion dollars coverage! 

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