Breast halo plasty

Sometimes it happens so that one small detail can spoil the whole image. Even a beautiful shape of the breast can be "spoiled" with abnormal development of the nipple or halo asymmetry. Often, women are paying particular attention to such shortcomings, which do not give them a rest. We all know that there is no limit to perfection, but still, plastic surgery can help on the way to it. 


Women who have too large halo (the aesthetic norm is the diameter of 3.8-4.5 cm) or irregularly shaped halo, and the nipples disproportionate or retracted, can apply to the surgeon and get rid of the problem. Note that many of these flaws are not related to the functioning of the female body (except of inverted nipples) and are considered to be only an aesthetic problem. 


Before surgery, the patient must visit a consultation, as well as undergo a number of examinations. In addition, it should be remembered that some of the rules and recommendations will have to be met after the operation. For example, you should use special creams and patches, but this should be definitely explained by the doctor in detail. Note also that taking a shower after the operation is possible only on the second day, and during the first weeks after surgery it is better to sleep on the backs. Remember that after the operation the painful increase or decrease in breast tenderness may occur. 


Correction of halo


Halo size may increase after pregnancy, but sometimes it is a birth defect that affects the confidence of women. Addressing the surgeons of our clinic, you can get rid of the psychological discomfort and gain confidence in yourself.


The operation of the halo correction can be a self-manipulation, but sometimes it is held in conjunction with a breast lift or correcting asymmetry. 


The operation, aimed at amending the pigmented area does not affect the breast and is safe enough. This correction allows you to reduce the size of the halo to the required parameters.

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