It is no secret that most people are not satisfied with their appearance. Some people do not like too sharp chin, someone complains about the chubby cheeks, and anyone not satisfied with small eyes, but still a larger percentage of humanity is not satisfied with his nose. 


Therefore no wonder that rhinoplasty is a surgery for the nose shape correction - one of the most popular. Interestingly another, it is - one of the oldest sections of plastic surgery, which appeared more than 3,000 years ago. Despite the long history, rhinoplasty remains one of the most complicated manipulations in plastic and aesthetic surgery. 


The nose shape correction surgeries solve several problems at once. Firstly, the aesthetic - allowing you to change facial features, bring them closer to the ideal, and secondly, rhinoplasty solve functional problems associated with the violation of nasal breathing. 


Thinking about rhinoplasty you should know that the age limit in this operation there, but keep in mind that osteochondral structures of the nose are formed by the age of 18, so before this age aesthetic surgery on the nose is better not to do. In addition, there are certain types of operations that are sent directly to the nasal rejuvenation and suitable for patients with adequate age-related changes. 


Immediately it should be noted that there are two basic types of rhinoplasty – close and open. They are characterized by a degree of imaging performed by manipulation during surgery. In other words, the surgeon sees what he is doing or just assumes, based on intuition, experience and luck (and not only his, but also of the patient).


Modern principles of plastic and aesthetic surgery on the nose, based on pragmatism workflow, supported not only by intuition and "good luck" of the surgeon, but also its experience and visual evaluation of actions performed in the line of sight of the surgical field, or video endoscope broadcast pictures on the operating monitor.  



Consider the main types of rhinoplasty and find out what they are directed nose portions: 

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Varieties of operations:

Contour plasty is a nose relief correction with synthetic fillers - one of the main achievements of surgical medicine of the XXI century. After all, this operation allows you to carry out the necessary correction without surgical intervention. 


Contour nose relief - is injecting filling defects of the skin and fatty tissue fillers - preparations stabilized hyaluronic acid synthetic origin. In such a procedure are many advantages that explain its popularity. First, this low-traumatic procedure and can be performed in an outpatient setting. 


Regarding lipoplasty, that is one form of nasal relief contouring performed by transferring the fat cells from one area of the body (abdomen, knees, chin, etc.) In the other portion, in this case the nose. This procedure is performed in the operating room. 


The main feature of these procedures - plastic contour should only be an experienced professional, it is very important to determine the correct place of the injection. On how exactly this is done depends not only on the aesthetic result, but also its duration. 


High professionalism of our clinic surgeons allow determining the optimum variant of operation already during the first consultation, taking into account a number of factors and features of your face.

There are several types of plastic surgery aimed at rejuvenation of the nose. One of them is a microlift of tip of the nose. Surprisingly, slightly raised nose makes a person much younger. Such manipulation is primarily recommended to those who tip of the nose is lowered by nature, or it was the result of age-related changes.


Filament plasty requires from the surgeon the jewelry art manipulations, because the change, during which specialize or lift the tip of the nose, literally measured in millimetres. During the operation, the threads are carried out through the cartilaginous part and fixed to the periosteum of the upper part of the back of the nose. 


Such a nose tip plasty has  significant advantages over other anti-aging procedures. First of all, it does not require general anesthesia, and the main thing that you will notice the effect immediately after the operation.


In addition, there is no manipulation after bruising and post-operative period did not take long. But let`s not hide, have stranded plastics and drawback - it is difficult to change radically the nose, but that there are other methods.

The curvature of the nasal septum is the problem is not just aesthetic, it also brings in numerous problems with health - impairment of nasal breathing and ventilation of the paranasal sinuses, and as a consequence of frequent colds, headaches, shortness of breath, etc. 


A similar problem to the surgeons treated often enough, because it can occur as a result of injury, and for physiological reasons, when the growth is uneven walls tissues. 


It is important to know that the curvature of the nasal septum entails numerous aesthetic deformations, for example, may change other parts of the nose - rest, tip, varying degrees of asymmetry of the nose and the face in general. 


Today, the rhinoseptoplasty is the only way to solve all these problems. Such manipulation is complex and corrects all violations. It can be done both separately and in combination with the operations for correcting the shape of the external nose.

Sometimes the wings of the nose may be wider and more massive than the dictates of fashion, ethnic or ... other ideals of aesthetic standards. These changes may be congenital or acquired as a result of injury or surgery. 


Sometimes, in volume corrections of the nasal structures and components (back, tip, and septum), wings of the nose become more massive compared to other, decreasing in size plots, and out of the general harmony.  



Operation on the wings of the nose allows you to narrow its basis, acquire refined facial features and will completely change the image that you used to see in the mirror. Sometimes this operation is the final character, for example, if the previous manipulations do not provide the desired aesthetic effect and the spout is more massive than you wanted. However, the plastic wings of the nose may be completely independent procedure. 


The surgery is performed under the scheme: first a surgeon on both sides of the base of the nose wings excised soft tissue band. After that, move the wings of the nose to the middle, and in the end of superimposed cosmetic seams. Do not worry about the scars; they are hiding in the folds of the nose and nasolabial folds. 


The rehabilitation period after the plastic wings of the nose is quite short - about a week on average.

Almost perfect nose can be spoiled by its tip. Sometimes it can be too massive, wide, lowered, or vice versa snub. This seemingly insignificant detail of anatomy can significantly change the overall image and focuses on the attention. 


This operation can solve several problems: to make the tip of the nose wider or thinner, to change its projection or the angle between the nose and upper lip, as well as change the shape of bridge between the nostrils, which, incidentally, is called the columella. 


Plastic tip of the nose should not be underestimated in complexity, because working with delicate and thin cartilaginous structures requires the surgeon filigree elegance of precision engineering. 


Sloppy manipulation may lead to irreparable loss of cartilage framework of the nose, forming a dome shape of the nostrils and tip of the nose, and the irreparable consequences on the part of not only the functional viability, but also the aesthetic appearance of the final result. In general, the manipulation of the nose tip plasty requires from a surgeon the deep knowledge and great skill. 


Our specialists must take into account all important factors: features of the anatomical structure of your nose, density, and thickness of the skin, as well as the strength and elasticity of cartilage. On the basis of this assessment, an experienced physician can predict the result before the operation. 

hump removal, reducing the width of the nose, filling the back volume at "sunken" nose. 


Perhaps the most to surgeons requested to correct the shape of the nasal bridge - to remove the hated bump to become the proud owner of a smooth, slightly sloping, and tidy spout. Remember, after the operation you will not just disappear crook, but also to reduce the width of the nose, that person will add grace and gentility. 


In modern plastic surgery there are plenty of techniques aimed at changing the shape of the nasal bridge. 


If necessary, the computer runs the forecast and visualization of the image to which you aspire to help the surgeon to understand how to look after nose surgery. 


It must be remembered that after nasal plasty the postoperative period may take two or three weeks, and accompanied by mild bruising and swelling around the eyes. 

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