Shin Prosthetic

“My legs are not as beautiful, I just know what to do with them”, - said at due time the world famous actress and singer, and concurrently, a charming woman, Marlene Dietrich. 


Times are changing, but beauty ideals - both female and male - remain the same: we all want to be captivate and charming towards surrounding through our outer beauty, ease, and appeal. 


Slim, embossed, chiseled legs, – is a source of pride and envy of both women and men. You can spend hours on end in the gym, putting in your desired physical appearance the inordinate amount of time, labor and money. And you do not always have the successful result guaranteed. Our clinic offers you the perfect solution to the problem of imperfect leg shape - an increase in the amount of change in shape with the lower legs implants. 


In what cases should you resort to lower legs prosthetic? 


Unaesthetic appearance shin may be caused by a number of congenital or acquired defects: 


- Calf muscles are underdeveloped;

- You suffer from muscle wasting, which appeared as a result of any disease (neurological, etc.);

- Lower leg bones are twisted and deformed;

- You are concerned about excessive fullness and thinness of the lower leg, knee, etc. 


The reasons for the leg prosthetic can vary - it all depends on your requirements to the appearance. But the solution is one - a safe and effective method of prosthetics with implants, which is able to cope with any cosmetic problem. 


What is it – curvature of the legs? 


Depending on the shape, curvature of the legs can be true and false. 


The curvature is considered true if the shin bone is deformed, as evidenced by its internal circuit defect in the region of the clamping point of the ankle to crotch (G-strain) and lack of a point of contact at the ankles thighs serried (X-strain). To cope with this problem the technique will help of corrective osteotomy (removal of the lower extremities imbalances, increasing growth, curvature correction, etc.) 


False bending - is, above all, improper distribution of soft tissue in the area of the lower leg, which may be an outward sign of special structure of the lower limb. This problem can be addresses with the help of successfully implanted prosthetic of calf muscles. 


What you need to know about shin implants?   


- Implants, which are used for correcting the shape of the tibia, implants are similar to breast cancer, but have a spindle shape.


- Implants are made of silicone (shell and filler) have a different size and shape, rough or smooth surface, elastic structure. All these features of the material help our specialists successfully conduct the implantation procedure, taking into account all the individual characteristics of each patient.


- Silicone shin implants are certified and approved for use in plastic surgery for the past fifty years and meet all FDA quality standards.  


 How the implant prostheses surgery is performed?


 The lower legs prosthetic provide for general anesthesia. The operation itself lasts for no longer than an hour. During surgery the surgeon makes a small incision in the popliteal area, produces the offset of muscle tissue for the placement of implants, which are able to increase the tibia or adjust its path. The implant is placed under the gastrocnemius muscle, which ensures its reliable fixing in position.

Surgery to implant silicone prosthesis often goes on the back or side of the leg. 


Features of the recovery period 


The very next day after the surgery, the patient can walk, take a shower, and, if desired, leave the hospital. However, according to the recommendations he should stay in the hospital for at least  2 days.

Pain and slight swelling of the tibia can be maintained for 5 to 7 days.

In the first week after surgery it is useful to exercise hiking, perform simple exercise. After two or three weeks it will be possible to return to the regular lifestyle. During this time you should avoid wearing of shoes on high heels. Get special tights with "sculpting" effect that you will be wearing the first time after the operation.The active sports can be introduced in 6 weeks after surgery.


Liposuction is a method of correcting the full shins 


Excessive fullness of shin, knee-band, ankle caused by an excessive accumulation of adipose tissue in these areas is not a less painful problem for many. In this case, liposuction can cope with the physical defect. This operation is most often performed to remove fatty tissue in the area above the knee and hips. Generally, the operation takes place in two stages: half legs alternately operated by a circle in order to avoid swelling. The time period between operations is 2-3 months.

Before the operation, you will be examined by a specialist, who will determine the thickness of the fat tissue in the subject area and level of mobility.

Procedures with the adipose tissue are also held in the case of correction of the curvature of the legs: adipose tissue is «transplanted" to the desired area of the area where its concentration is superfluous (thighs, stomach). 


In what cases the shin plasty is contradicted?


If you suffer from diseases such as varicose veins or thrombophlebitis, plastic surgery for your shins is contraindicated.

In any case, do not forget that beautiful and slender legs can easily pave the way to the heart of any man. We guarantee you improvement of their external beauty, as well as durable and long-lasting effect of the operation. 

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