IPL - therapy TRIOS

IPL - therapy “TRIOS” (photo-epilation, photo-rejuvenation, acne photo-therapy) 


TRIOS photo-epilation is a unique technology that allows to deal effectively with a hair growth in undesired places.


Photo-epilation is considered to be moderately painful procedure, but no anesthesia is required, except in particularly sensitive areas (bikini, underarms, and upper lip). During the procedure the patient feels a slight tingling. With each procedure the discomfort reduces due to the fact that less living hair is remained.


It is absolutely safe to remove the unwanted hair using this method. The procedure is highly effective; all kinds of hair on all skin types are removed for the years to come.


How it works: the effectiveness of photo-epilation is based on selective photothermolysis. When skin is exposed to the light pulse, the specific skin tissue targets (chromophores) are warmed up and absorb certain wavelengths of light. When working in the photo-epilation mode, a pulse of light is absorbed by the hair follicle, which contributes to its destruction.



Removal of unwanted and discoloured hair. Treatment of acne and anti-aging skin changes. 


Application area:

Bikini area, area above the lip, cheeks, chin, armpits, feet area, arms, abdomen. 



To achieve a sustainable effect it is required to carry out a number of procedures. The interval between treatments depends on the individual rate of hair growth in a particular area to be treated. It is usually necessary to repeat the procedure 5-8 times.

Caution! 3-4 days before the procedure it is necessary to shave off hair at the planned treatment area using a razor.


Photo-epilation is not recommended if you have cold sores in the area to be treated, in the presence of keloid scars, vitiligo, tattooing, if you are diagnosed with epilepsy, diabetes, skin cancer during pregnancy and lactation. Also it is not allowed to have  the procedure before going out on the sun and after intensive tanning for 3-4 weeks before the procedure. The administration of anticoagulants, isotretinoin (commonly used to treat acne) and other photo-sensitive drugs or herbs within 2 weeks before the procedure. The treated area should have no moles. 


TRIOS photorejuvenation is intended for the treatment of photodamaged, aged skin. Symptoms for the procedure include solar pigmentation, chromatosis, telangiectasia (dilation of small blood vessels end), acne rosacea. After the procedure skin becomes more uniform, radiant and younger looking. Despite the fact that the improvement of texture and color can be observed after the first treatment in order to obtain long-lasting results you need to have 4-6 procedures  (depending on symptoms) with an interval of 3-4 weeks.


Acne photo-therapy gently but very effectively acts on the moderately inflamed acne (papules, pustules and few nodules).

8-12 procedures are required at the intervals of 2 treatments per week, despite the fact that an improvement is observed after the first treatment.

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