Cosmetic care

Ericson laboratoire – is more than for 50 years recognized as a leader in the world of cosmetology. ERICSON LABORATOIRE specialists are introducing annually the revolutionary innovation in the variety of luxurious facials, body and bust care products. These products are intended for home care and combine the unique active ingredients and fine texture to achieve an immediate impact and long-term outcome.


For more than 40 years the Danne Montague-King (DMK) cosmetics holds a strong position among cosmetic products for professional use, treatment of significant skin problems such as acne on the face, post-acne, change in pigmentation (facial spots), demodicosis, rosacea, cellulite, scars, stretch marks and other. DMK professional cosmetics is a reliable assistant in fighting against skin aging processes of different types, intended for women and men of any age. Danne Montague-King has two product lines: for professional and home use. Danne products are based on herbal ingredients, such as stems, fruits, bark, roots, etc., which implies the possibility of their use as a prevention and skin care all states and sensitivity levels. 


Exclusive cosmetic lines of Organic Beauty and Exotic Ritual S.Tvardovska laboratory are developed together with French colleagues. Raw materials for the cosmetics are available only from the certified producers of true bio products able to grow and process environmentally friendly raw materials. The most important ingredient in cosmetics is water. To increase the effectiveness of drugs and keep the organic, use spring water extracted at the foot of the sacred mountain of Catalonia. Four active bases for Organic Beauty are extracted in various parts of the world: argan in Morocco, sesame in Mali, hazelnuts in Turkey, reproach in Burkina Faso.

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