Otoplasty (plastic ears, droopy ears correction)


Appearance - is your versatile and unique business card around the world, so every detail of it is of great value. All in you - from the cut eye to color of the nail polish - is constantly evaluated by others. And what they think about your ears? Do you familiar with the problem of droopy ears and others, very unsightly, pinna defects?


Usually in the childhood we suffer from ridicule from the peers due to incorrect shape and position of the ears. The situation is exacerbated adolescence: as a vulnerable teenager begins to feel self-doubt, closed inside it, suffers from depression and complexes. In youth, when we are ready to conquer the whole world, this problem can become a heavy obstacle to self-realization - the person feels not relaxed and confident enough for visual defects. The fair sex representatives are forced to hide protruding ears under the long, lush curls, while men have only minimal chances to hide this defect.


We are pleased to invite you to forget about this problem once and for all. Modern plastic surgery is rich in virtuosic and budgetary methods of getting rid of visible cosmetic defects that plague your life. One iof them s otoplasty is an operation to change the shape or size of the ears. 


Who needs the otoplasty? 


Our specialists successfully work to eliminate such cosmetic ear defects:  

- Protruding pinna (droopy ears); 

- Microtia (insufficiently developed external ear or lack thereof); 

- Posttraumatic (split ear lobe, etc.), congenital defects of the ear, scars; 

- Age-related changes lobes, the deformation of the ear; 

- Asymmetry in the size or position of the ears; 

- Unsatisfactory ear size (too big or too small, etc.).    



 In each case, the individual method is chosen to resolve the problem of ears. 


What the preparation for the surgery provides for?


First of all, you must pass the required medical examinations and tests to confirm the readiness of your physical condition to otoplasty.

If you smoke, we advise you to refrain from smoking for 2-3 weeks before and 2-3 weeks after the surgery, which will promote rapid healing of postoperative wounds.

If you are simultaneously being treated with another specialist and take any medication, you should notify our clinic specialist and undergo further consultation. 


Aesthetic and reconstructive otoplasty 


In modern plastic surgery, there are two types of ears correction: aesthetic and reconstructive plastic.Aesthetic otoplasty is aimed at creating the desired shapes and sizes of ears that correspond to the ideal proportions and are able to emphasize the attractiveness of your face and naturalness; elimination of small and medium cosmetic defects, etc. 


Reconstructive plastic is a deeper correction of the pinna, aimed at the restoration of the missing parts of the ear, transplant injured areas, elimination of congenital anomalies of the ear, etc. 


Otoplasty procedure and postoperative period

Aesthetic otoplasty    



On average, the surgery to remove the ears defects lasts for 1-2 hours under local or general anesthesia. Otoplasty does not require a long hospital stay – within a few hours the patient is discharged home, after putting the elastic cotton-gauze bandage. 


When aesthetic otoplasty surgeon makes a small incision behind the ear, makes to the desired shape of ear cartilage and fixes its internal seams. At that, the operative scar is completely invisible, as it is located on the back side of the ear.During the next week you will be wearing a special fixing bandage, which can be removed at the end of this period, together with sutures. A few days after the surgery it will be slightly noticeable the swelling and small bruises. You can restore the normal lifestyle in two to three weeks after otoplasty.


Reconstructive otoplasty  



In reconstructive otoplasty the specialist has to restore the ear partially or completely, so the procedure takes a longer period of time and is carried out in three stages.  



The first step: creation of cartilage matrix and its implantation in the subcutaneous cavity (2-6 months post-operative recovery).


The second stage: size correction and position of the ear, creating BTE region.


The third phase: formation of the relief of the ear, ear lobe.  


The entire procedure of reconstructive otoplasty takes 12-14 months (depending on the individual characteristics of the patient), and requires a longer recovery period. 


Otoplasty for Your Child 


In order to avoid many of the negative consequences that may arise in your baby due to ridicule on his droopy ears, or any other cosmetic defects (trauma, complexes, isolation, exclusion), we recommend you to take care of his appearance in early childhood. 


The optimum age for otoplasty in children is 6 years or more. Modern plastic surgery techniques allow for this type of surgery to be safe and with all the features of the further growth and development of the ear.Children otoplasty, is usually performed under general anesthesia. 


In conclusion, it should be noted that otoplasty  is a simple and very effective way to bring the appearance in perfect condition. Say "no" to your constraint and moral discomfort, become more confident and state to the outside world about your beauty and attractiveness.


Many of our patients, who successfully underwent otoplasty procedure, can boast of a marked improvement in the personal and professional life. Change for the better, seek harmony with the environment, and love yourself and implement your dream. And we are happy to help you with this.

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