Chubby and sexy lips - means your femininity, tenderness and sensuality, which is able to fascinate not one man`s heart. In today`s world of high technologies and talented specialists to become the owner of seductive lips is not a problem. If you decide to increase or decrease the size of the lips, change their shape or contour to eliminate congenital / posttraumatic defects or fine lines of the lips, "raise" the corners of the mouth to make your smile more youthful and glamorous, to help you come a wide range of plastic surgery procedures.

The surgical method of lip correction - is the traditional method of lip augmentation, as well as the elimination of post-traumatic and congenital visual deficiencies. After this procedure you will need a relatively long recovery period and subject to strict rules and doctor`s instructions.

More recently, in addition to plastic surgery of lips the contour plasty was added that will help you achieving the desired aesthetic effect, without the volumetric surgery, and provides an opportunity to return the original shape of the lips. Contour - it`s quick and safe to bring your lips in perfect shape.

Cheiloplasty and its variants, bulhorn, torch lift the upper lip, prosthetics lips, lipoplasty and other types of injectable lip augmentation, lifting corners of the mouth and the elimination of "sad" folds - these are the main varieties of lip plastics that you can successfully experience for yourself in our clinic.

In what cases should you refrain from lip augmentation procedure?

Your health and satisfaction with the appearance and well-being is the primary task for us. We strongly recommend that you refrain from plastic procedures if you: 



  • are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • are suffering from an infectious skin disease;
  • experiencing inflammation in the body;
  • have experience of rejection of foreign bodies and drugs, etc.   




Turning to our clinic, you will pass the full course of the survey and get all the necessary information about the state of your health and the feasibility of the desired procedure. 

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Varieties of operations:

Chiloplasty procedure is aimed at changing the shape, contour, and volume of your lips. There are two types of cheiloplasty: injecting and incisional. 


Plastic Injection is performed under local anesthesia and does not cause discomfort. Postoperative recovery period is minimal. To perform this procedure the different kinds of fillers are used – from hyaluronic acid to fatty tissue. Injection chiloplasty moisturizes lips, makes the circuit more clear and smooth, gives your lips more pumped-up-like volume, and provides voluminous and delicate appearance.


Incisional plasty is a deeper lip correction by surgery. If you have an injury, birth defects, marked asymmetry of the lips, plastic surgery to cope with any of these problems perfectly. Be prepared for a long-term recovery process - from 2 weeks to 2 months (for the final evaluation result).


V-Y-chiloplasty is a type of incision plasty that allows adjusting the width and thickness of the lip. During this procedure, the lips are made on the V-shaped micro incisions for subsequent modelling of the shape of the upper or lower lip. Further incisions are sutured in the Y-shaped. The operation lasts 30-40 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis. After the V-Y-cheiloplasty you will feel slight discomfort and pain in the mouth, mild swelling may occur. Remember that there are no reasons to worry – it is a natural healing process. Minimize discomfort will help you to our clinic specialists, writing down all the necessary post-operative pain medication. 


If your dream is lips with a clear outline and heart-shaped upper lip, like in the legendary Lauren Bacall, take a look at the Paris chiloplasty procedure. Unlike more traditional V-Y procedure, this kind of plastic lip makes the adjustment process more flexible, able to meet individual customer needs. Thanks to both vertical and horizontal micro cuts that retain even natural folds, your lips will look more ripped and sexy, without losing their natural look. Do you want to get the same attractive lips like Megan Fox and Keira Knightley? Chiloplasty Paris will give your lips an unforgettable French charm. The procedure takes less than an hour, and immediately after the operation you will be able to go home. The first few weeks you will feel mild discomfort, you may be soreness and swelling. All the unpleasant symptoms disappear very quickly. Scars become natural color and very noticeable on the lips. 

Bulhorn plasty is aimed at correcting the upper lip: she shortened and rose in connection with excision of skin area under the base of the nose wings. In this area, a small incision is made in the form of a bull horn (hence the name - bull`s horn, “bullhorn”), excess skin is removed; lip tightened and sutured which does not matter in the natural crease. Next on the scar disappear after only a month after the surgery. 


If you are unhappy with the length of the upper lip, then this operation will be the ideal solution to improve your appearance. Moreover, for women after 35 years is a very effective method of lip augmentation, which is carried out, often in conjunction with rhinoplasty and total facelift. 


Plastic surgery "Bulhorn" lasts about 30 minutes under general or local anesthesia. A week later, a specialist will remove your joints, and you may well be able to please those around her young, attractive, and subtle lips. Minor swelling and bruising can easily disguise using tonal cosmetics.

For accentuation of the upper lip - giving it relief, lifting the central part, the visual increase - strand suspension technique is widely used. Elastic suspension has been successfully used for the correction of thin lips, giving them a more natural look.

Filament lift the upper lip is the perfect solution for you if: 


  • you want to only slightly increase the lips, most retaining their naturalness;
  • you are tired of repeated lip augmentation procedures by fillers, which have eventually property to disperse;
  • you are not ready for surgery for a radical change in the shape and volume of your lips;
  • your body rejects any foreign drugs and the body, etc.


The procedure lasts 30-40 minutes under general or local anesthesia. Inside the nose is a small incision through which the elastic thread to the center of the upper lip Filtrum. Through a small incision in the lip thread is expelled. Next formed locking loop, and the thread is returned to the incision inside the nose.


The degree of tension of the thread forms the height and slope of the lips. At the end of the procedure, the thread finally fixed and the incision is closed in the nose. Puncture in the inner lip tissue so insignificant that does not require suturing. Filament lift of each upper lip filtrum  occurs alternately. As a result of these manipulations, pit Cupid may be slightly deepens. To avoid this effect, torch suspension laid in the shape of a rectangle - the thread is also inside the upper lip, making it more plump and volume. 


Swelling, which will manifest itself on the next day after the operation, will disappear in 7-10 days. The first two or three days you will need to carefully adhere to the professional regulations concerning lip care (applying ointment, the adoption of antibiotics, etc.). And a month later you can enjoy the beauty of their new lips, which will be more extensive and will give your face a more youthful appearance.

Implants for lip augmentation (Gore-Tex, SoftForm, UltraSoft, etc.) - this is one of the few ways to permanently maintain the desired shape and volume of the lips. These implants are made of PTFE –a material, the properties of which resemble porous rubber. This element is widely used in plastic surgery for many years and managed to establish itself with the best hand. PTFE is not absorbed, so you can be sure that your lips are not scary time - they will keep a good shape and healthy for many years. 


the implant technique involves minimal surgical intervention: the surgeon makes an incision in the corners of his mouth, and then with a special tool introduces implant the entire length of the lips. 


In addition to synthetic materials, to create a lip implant the human tissues are used (cadaveric material). Plays a special thermal and chemical treatment, such implants are introduced into the tissue of the lips in the form of strips and sheets. This material has the property to disperse as it is an organic substance. As a consequence, the result of this procedure lasts from 9 months to 2 years. But this technique is practically used very rarely.


With regard to post-operative period, it proceeds without appreciable discomfort: slightly noticeable swelling, maybe numb lips (due to swelling of tissues, which compress the nerve endings). If you have any pain (when compressed lips, eating), you should consult your doctor. Sutures with four notches which have been made for the introduction of implants can be removed in 7-10 days.

Injection techniques in the field of increase of lips - this is the perfect achievement of Plastic Surgery. Fast, safe and efficient - these are the three fundamental principles of plastic injection. 


Restylane Lipp, Surdzhilips, Juvederm, Tiosial Kiss and others – this are the  injectable drugs that are based on hyaluronic acid, which is the safest material used for lips plasty. Hyaluronic acid getting into the lip tissue binds water and increases the volume of tissue. The substance has the ability to disperse evenly and gently returning your original shape and volume of the lips after a long time successful "socks". Enjoy a delicious and sexual views updated your sponges you can more than a year. 


Unlike many synthetic drugs, the hyaluronic acid based fillers do not cause rejection and allergic reactions, as the substance produced in your body naturally. Therefore, do not worry - fillers data will not harm your health and do not spoil your appearance adverse negative effects.


It is also recommended that you pay attention to the method of lipoplasty - giving additional volume to your lips through the use of own fat tissue. 


During the operation the necessary amount of fat in your body will be moved from areas where it is present in excess (thighs, hips, abdomen, etc.), in the operated area for subsequent increase. 


You are now probably thinking about lipoplasty safety and all the consequences and the results that you see in the mirror after only a few hours after surgery. You can be sure that for excitement there is no reason, and their reflection you will be very satisfied. 


Lipoplasty like injections based on hyaluronic acid, eliminates the possibility of an allergic reaction, because it uses your "native" adipose tissue. Therefore, redness, rashes, and other unpleasant post-operative consequences will not get any of your beauty and health. Effect after lip augmentation method lipoplasty will delight you for years to come.


As a result, you get a lipoplasty is not only delicious sponge. The skin around the lips (and lips themselves) rejuvenates and becomes at times attractive and healthier. Color, thickness, structure of the skin - this is the main target for the positive effects of injected fat. 


For transplantation of adipose tissue need quality, intact cells. Therefore, in the fat collection and processing specialist must be extremely careful to maintain the integrity of tissues. Prepared fat injected into the lip area dotted in small volumes. "Droplets injection" first substance is distributed uniformly over the contour of the lips, and then gradually introduced into the fat cells muscular layer. Thus the height, shape, and volume of the lips are formed according to your preferences.


Injection lip augmentation procedures are performed under local anesthesia and lasts 30-40 minutes. The first couple of days after the operation you will observe a slight redness and swelling of the lips. All postoperative symptoms disappear on the third day, and you will easily be able to return to the familiar for you lifestyle, beaming rejuvenate and enchanting smile of youth.

With age, the corners of our lips tend to fall. This feature can also be seen in a fairly young age due to the anatomical features of the human structure. In any case, each of us hate to see a sad and tired expression on his face, while the corners of our beautiful lips simply created to decorate our sun and captivating smile. Return the face cheerful and carefree kind of corrective surgery to help «Corner lift» (Corner elevator) focused on the rise over the lip. A positive effect is achieved by removing the skin fragments from above the lips and corners of the inner side of the mouth. As a result of these manipulations lip line is aligned, the outer corners of the mouth are raised. 


The procedure lasts 30-40 minutes. It is performed under local or general anesthesia. On the seventh day after surgery removed all seams. To avoid surgery, use the injection techniques to correct the lips - the introduction of gel, auto fat under the corners of the lips, botox injections.


It is important to understand that the problem of the lowered corners of the lips becomes a cause of so-called "wrinkles of sorrow." They are formed around the lips as a result of weakening of perioral tissues. Also, "the folds of Sorrow" can be a continuation of the nasolabial folds, so it is important to solve the problem in the complex. 


The procedure to remove "wrinkles of sorrow" involves the use of drugs for plasty of varying density: Juvederm Ultra 3, Juvederm Ultra 4, Surgiderm 24 XP, Surgiderm 30 XP, Surgiderm 30, Stylage M, Stylage L, Renofill Deeply, and Renofill Perfectly.Filling the "folds of sorrow" will return your face a youthful and cheerful look. Raised corners create a unique effect - "Smile Mona Lisa» - fascinating, unusual and mysterious smile, which dreams of every woman. 

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