Bodylifting: lifting any part of the body


Any woman dreams to have always tightened thighs, buttocks, back, arms, and legs. Modern plastic surgery solves this problem by bodylifting - excising the excess skin from the body.


Why do women, in principle, may have a similar problem? There are many reasons for that - age, which leads to a hormonal imbalance, and the process of pregnancy and childbirth, many factors causes loss of skin elasticity, and as a consequence - down women`s self-esteem. And since the modern women are often not limited in the choice of means the option of plastic surgery - bodylifting – is considered by many. Especially because this type of surgery, in general, is safe, and most importantly, the effect is fast enough.



Become a model just for one day, removing the excess skin. - It would seem so simple, but at the same time as difficult, why do bodylifting if you can make a liposuction procedure which is better known and proven? Do not rush: bodylifting - not just the removal of fat and excess skin excision is. The difference is fundamental.


Although bodylifting may be the final stage of liposuction, for example, after the removal of a large amount of fat, the skin just hangs down. Or it may be carried out and as a standalone procedure if overweight patient, but there is only the need to tighten the droopy skin.


Risk group: weigh and prepare thoroughly


Before considering the bodylifting procedure, be sure to consult with a doctor. To the slightest detail weigh all the risks and potential consequences, and soberly assess their state: the fact that the patient is applying for such an operation should have a stable reason, but if you are in the weight loss phase, the operation effect will be offset.


Expectant mothers are also better not to take risks and think about bodylifting after childbirth.


At risk were those who had bariatric surgery done - reduced size of the stomach, or in other words, accelerated movement of food by the stomach and intestines.


Be sure to remember: this is a complex operation, which lasts a few hours and only under anesthesia. In addition, the rehabilitation process is long and quite strict: each patient is required to wear a special compression garment, as well as avoiding heavy physical exertion, and is forced to forget about visiting saunas and solariums for up to 1-3 months.  

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Varieties of operations:

The most problematic area of  women`s hands is from the elbow to the forearm. As a rule, here the skin begins to sag or age or after massive weight loss.


You ask what to do? Typically, plastic surgeons offer a hand plasty (or brachioplasty or armlifting).


But this case is particular in that the plastic surgery experts recommend applying this procedure only in the absence of an alternative method to solve the problem. Why? After the operation there is still relatively large scar from the elbow to the armpit.


For those patients who have experienced a mastectomy (i.e., they have removed the breast) or surgery to the lymph nodes in the underarm area, such a procedure may be contraindicated or need to have a special preparation.



The plasty operation of the upper arms usually lasts about two hours. During manipulation removes excess fatty tissue, then excess skin is excised. In place of operation imposes a bandage, patients who are within 7-10 days.

The human body is designed so that we have a small supply of the skin within the flexures necessary for flexion and extension of the arms and legs. With age or after massive weight loss the skin in these places often loses elasticity and we see the extra folds, and the arms and legs, respectively, do not look so graceful.


There is a solution here: elbow and knee lifting. The difference of this procedure is that the excised tissue is not only unnecessary, but also used the gel for injection or implant fixation firmer skin. 

Beautiful female legs won’t leave any person indifferent, because women pay attention to all the little things that can spoil the beauty. These disadvantages include contour and the inner side of the thigh, especially if the skin has sagged.


Medial femoroplasty is exactly what the surgeons offer  in this case: remove excess fatty tissue in the inner thighs, and at the same time tighten the hanging skin and tissue. However, there are cases where only shows skin tightening, which does not include the removal of fatty tissue.


Sometimes the inner surface contour of the thigh is tightening simultaneously with the abdomen plasty, so the skin is stretched over the entire surface of the femur. This operation is quite complicated and usually last for 2-3 hours under general anesthesia.  

Tighten buttocks, of course, is beautiful. But what to do,  if the soft tissues have already fallen, the gluteal muscles are formed not enough, or process  starts of atrophy and physical exercise have already become useless? Here comes the plastic surgery - gluteaplasty when sagging skin tissue is removed, elasticity restored, as well as vertical size of the buttocks.

There are many options of planning incisions to tighten the buttocks, and the choice of surgeon is usually based both on its experience, and the nature of the problem to be resolved.


By the way, the surgery on lifting the buttocks is one of the few treatments that can be done without incisions. This is a very popular method to create not only a beautiful shape of the buttocks, but also to give them a higher position.


Different in size and shape implants are used for correction of the buttocks. It is of particular importance the surgeon`s skill, which must choose the correct implant does not cause any discomfort and to sustain effect for many years. 

What problems usually see women around the "fifth point"? - hanging folds.

What the plastic surgeons can offer? - Integrated approach: to get rid of sagging skin, which itself will improve the shape of the buttocks, and lift the upper part. This integrated approach can give a good aesthetic result for long time.


Sometimes the implants are used, if it is needed, of course.

Straight posture and beautiful topline will slim and gives confidence, and generally gives a good look to the body at any age. What to do if the back has unfortunate wrinkles and the skin has long lost its elasticity? If exercise and massages do not help, there is a plastic surgery.


Typically, lifting the skin fold of the back is combined with abdomen plasty or inner thighs plasty. How the surgeons explain this? The fact is that if the skin folds are sagged back already, most often it is not the only problem area, so a comprehensive approach provides the best result for many years, not only the appearance of the back, but the entire female body. 

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