Every person has the problem areas, against which it can and must fight in a variety of ways. But it also happens so that the body fat, or local hyperadiposis, at a certain area of  the body or face can not be removed with physical exercise or diet. In such cases, surgeons recommend to resort it with liposuction. This operation allows modelling the contours of the human body, creating a new silhouette and eliminating the problem areas.

Believe us, after work of the professional surgeon of our clinic, you will see the incredible results.


Let`s first understand what could be the problem areas and whom liposuction is recommended. Women often complain of body fat in the abdominal area, on the sides of the waist and hips, problem areas of buttocks, upper arm, area "saddlebags ", back, knees, and calves. In men, excess fat often is localized on the back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, as well as on the chest and neck.


First of all, when addressing the doctor, it is necessary to understand that liposuction allows effectively remove fat in areas required and provides a significant and long-lasting result, but it is not a weight loss method. Liposuction does not allow removing a very large amount of body fat and is not a treatment for obesity.


It should be borne in mind that for manipulation the person needs to have a good general state of health, as well as get acquainted with contraindications. First of all, it includes chronic disease of the internal organs, diabetes mellitus, and acute infectious diseases. Of course, the precise recommendations – whether the operation it fits or does not fit you can be only decided by the doctor. 

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Varieties of operations:

It is one of the most common methods. During manipulation through incisions in the skin of 0.5-1 cm in length hypodermis cannula is inserted, and its other end via a flexible hose attached to the vacuum apparatus. Thus, the negative pressure in the cannula provides simultaneous mechanical disruption and removal of fat tissues technique translational movement of the cannula under the skin.


This is the most common and safest method. It is distinguished from other by few moments. First of all, in tumescent liposuction the subcutaneous fat in place of the operation has entered a special tumescent solution (which, in fact, gave the name to the technique) or Klein`s solution. This allows the surgeon to perform the procedure using thinner cannula, almost without bloodshed, which reduces bruising and swelling after surgery and significantly reduces the period of rehabilitation.

Also this operation is possible to perform under local anesthesia.

The recovery period after such a relatively short liposuction - you can resume in 4-5 days the usual activity. 

The name of the method is not by chance, during this operation the surgeon acts in the role of the sculptor who creates a perfect body contours. It is, indeed, a unique method that allows you to achieve amazing results.

During surgery, the plastic surgeon reconstructs the proper proportions of the figure by pumping excess adipose tissue. In some cases the transplantation is performed or transfer to the parts of the body where the increase in volume required.


It is worth to know that before the operation the patient will require a comprehensive diagnosis, aimed at identifying the causes of obesity, determine the degree of violation of the fat volume and hormonal status.

Talking about the problem areas, it`s worth noting that it is fat on the hips that often lead women to address the plastic surgeons. Before the surgery, an experienced surgeon of our clinic will accurately identify the problem area, and tell whether the desired result can be achieved in a single operation or few will be required.



The first place as to the complaints on the hips zone includes the outer surface (the so-called saddlebags). In this zone, adipose tissue is collected at a sufficiently flat surface to form a thigh muscle. In order to achieve the desired result and obtain harmony there are several options operations. Which one is right for you should be identified by the surgeon.

The inner surface of the thighs (conventionally divided into two zones: top closer to the inguinal crease, lower closer to the knees) – is more simple area for liposuction. Fat in the thighs contains little fibrous tissue, so it is quite easy to remove, but just as easy to remove more than is necessary, therefore, in these zones should be operated only by qualified surgeon with ample experience performing liposuction. Typically, fat is removed in these areas during one operation.


But there is another problem, it is important that after the operation the skin "adjusts" to new volumes. Of course, the younger and more elastic skin, the better it succeeds.


Older patients with severe sagging skin in this area, in addition to the liposuction operation may require excision of excess skin and its lifting.

Flank is  fat folds that hang over the zone "saddlebags " and the buttocks on the level of the pelvis. What method of operation is suitable in your case - will determine the surgeon, but it is worth noting that often do liposuction on both of these areas at the same time as the current zone "saddlebags " and the flanks are close by, and for the removal of fat from these areas can be from a common puncture. This is one of the simplest operations and the effect after it is noticeable almost immediately.

Sometimes, excess body fat can be in the area of ??the knee, and they are not resolved through the sports exercise or diet. The fact that this feature is often "transferred" the woman inherited, and get rid of them will help only plastic surgery. After surgery, the patient will find a graceful knees and legs will appear much slimmer.


During operation in the knee zone the small incisions are performed, have introduced cannula through which the fat is being sucked. Such manipulation requires high skill of the surgeon. The joints are considered quite difficult to conduct the correction area, and moreover many blood vessels in the art, which can injure. 

Such an operation is required in patients who have a disproportionately severe or extensive lower leg, the volume of which is caused by excess fat. This operation is the most difficult section of liposuction, due to the high dynamic activity in the area and abundance in this area of complex weaves of muscle-facial and vascular lesions.


Liposuction here is performed only using long thin cannulas in a small vacuum with extreme care and caution, and should only be performed by experienced surgeons.

It would seem that there is no a girl who does not dream of a wasp waist, modern plastic surgery can bring to life that dream. There are several methods of disposal of the fat tissue in the waist area. The surgeons of our clinic will determine which one is right for you.

Deposits of fat on the back and unsightly folds can not be removed with the help of exercise or diet. Return to the perfect contour you can only with the help of plastic surgery.


Initially, the surgeon must determine which zone has adipose fat. Usually the back is divided  into the following areas: top two, which are located above the shoulder blades and two lower lumbar area, separately isolated hump over the shoulders in the seventh cervical vertebra, where some people accumulate fat fairly thick consistency. Sometimes after such an operation it is necessary to make the skin lifting in the intervention zone. 

Such an operation is often aimed at pumping out fat mass of the anterior abdominal wall, treated equally often by both women and men. Flat and beautiful stomach is a dream of everyone. But it`s worth noting that not all are recommended to have liposuction. It is recommended only for those who have a pronounced subcutaneous fat layer. But if the spherical abdomen, the so-called beer belly, then this operation is contraindicated, as in this case, the rounded shape of the stomach does not have excess fat, but because of the stretching of muscles of the abdominal wall and excess intra-abdominal fat and retroperitoneal fat.

In some cases, liposuction may be combined with abdomen plasty. 

Well-groomed and neat hands always attract attention and prepossess people. But sometimes due to thee nature or for any other reason, you can not boast the ideal proportions. In this case it is necessary to address to the plastic surgeon.


The hand fat deposits are usually formed on the outer and rear surfaces of the elbow to the armpit area. Modern plastic surgery solves these problems.


We’d like to add only that liposuction is contraindicated to patients with excess skin in this area or  mild skin tone. In this case, the surgical lifting of hands will help - brachioplasty.

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