Most people are not happy with their body, of course, you can combat many shortcomings by diet or exercise, but many of the problems can be solved only by plastic surgery. 


Surgeon can often be compared to a sculptor who creates ideal proportions, fine work with the material and get the expected result. Most similar metaphor is appropriate when the master gets to body lipoplasty. 


Lipoplasty consists of several stages:

1. Liposuction, i.e. collection of fat cells from a certain area of  the body where there is their surplus;

2. The selection of viable fat cells and purifying them from unwanted impurities;

3. The introduction of the cells into the desired areas, or actual liposculpture;


 Lipoplasty allows creating the desired contours of the body, by interleaving the volume of fat cells. 


This plasty is suitable for those who are "redundant" reserves of fat in the hips and abdomen. In fact, lipoplasty helps eliminate undesirable fat deposits in places where they are in excess, but can also add volume to where it is needed. It turns out that lipoplasty literally "sculpts" new improved body shape, solving two problems at once. 


Fat transplantation


Fat deposits on the body - can not only bring disorder, but also benefit. Do not be surprised, after all that for you - the extra problems for the surgeon - working material. Now we are talking about our own fatty tissue. It better meets the needs of aesthetic surgery and allows you to reconstruct the desired areas of the body and face. 


First of all, this material is used for rejuvenation programs. It is no secret that with age, the middle part of the face, many people lose the amount of fat under the skin and needs to maintain volume. In these patients, transplantation of adipose tissue gives excellent results. In addition, transplantation of adipose tissue is used to rejuvenate the facial contours, cheeks or lips, and correction of wrinkles.


And, of course, there is a separate area of plastic surgery, where fat is used - this replenishing adipose tissue volume in the buttocks and breasts. Naturally when we learn about the use of such a miraculous fat in plastic surgery, a logical question arises: if the fat is so useful, wouldn’t its extraction harm to human health? The answer is simple. Auto fat in the human body is more than enough, and when the manipulation is carried out in the amount of fat intake of 200-300 ml - withdrawal of such amount may not harm the body.


 Advantages of the transplantation of adipose tissue 


The greatest advantage of auto fat is high content of stem cells, which are ideally affecting the quality of the skin and have anti-aging effect. A plasticity of fat allows you to perform any manipulation on filling volume, to form a new breast contour, buttocks, legs, face, and other body parts.


It is also important that the operation to transplant fat is considered to be simple and in most cases it can be done under local anesthesia, and transplanted tissue survives well. 


Furthermore, such transplants can not cause allergies or rejection, because for the operation uses its own fatty tissue of the patient.

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Varieties of operations:

Lipomodelling is a manipulation, which eliminates the cosmetic and aesthetic defects in the body through the use of own fat tissue. It is worth noting that Lipomodelling recognized as one of the most promising areas in plastic surgery and is constantly evolving.


Lipomodelling is recommended if the patient has impaired body contours or require replacement of tissue defects (problems that occur after injuries, operations). In addition, this operation can correct a wrong or unsightly stomach relief, thighs, buttocks, waist, chin, midface, and is also used for the correction of the curvature of the legs. 


It is important that aspirate fat tissue remains viable, as it must be moved to another area of the body.


 After the operation the involved sites have pasted special fixing patch that prevents displacement of the fat tissue under the skin and development of edema. During the rehabilitation period it is required to wear a special compression garment.It is necessary to know that the effect after the operation will not be visible immediately, but after two or three months after postoperative swelling will resolve and recovery process in injured tissues completed. The final result of the correction of body contours can be seen not earlier than in six months. 

Everyone dreams of the legs, as they say, from the ears? Probably every woman once had such a desire, however, many would like to just get rid of the curvature of the legs and add elegance to them. 


With the help of shin lipoplasty the experienced surgeons of our clinic  can create a new leg silhouette line, adjust their shape and curvature, remove excess fat or vice versa add it if necessary. Several manipulations with expert hands and patient will see its slender legs, and even extra-long (of course, this is only a visual effect, but women know how much it means). Do not worry about scars after lipoplasty. During surgery the incisions are made in the popliteal fossa, and after healing the scar is almost invisible.  

Let us not hide the fact that the rounded shape of the buttocks has always been considered attractive, but now it can even be called fashionable. Rounded and simultaneously tightened buttocks are also called "Brazilian", the ultimate dream not only of the fans of Jennifer Lopez. 


Unfortunately, not every girl and woman can boast with this beauty received as a gift from nature. Own "rear view" often is not satisfactory, and makes many people more frustrated than happy. Of course, you can try a variety of diets or exercises, but only plasty guarantees the results. 


Modern methods of correction allow giving the buttocks a beautiful shape and a "cheat" nature. It is important that during lipoplasty implants are not used but own adipose tissue. In such a case no allergic reaction or rejection will occur. 


Who can undergo such an operation? First of all, those who by nature have small, flat buttocks. Also refer to such an operation in the case where the shape of the buttocks has changed as a result of rapid weight loss or due to age-related changes. 

People say that "the scars adorn the man," but this is not true for women, however, sometimes the "male" scars do not look aesthetically pleasing, and sometimes even cause functional impairment, loss of joint mobility. These are the inverted deforming scars.


Fortunately, advances in science and, above, all, lipoplasty techniques today allow making such a scar almost invisible. But it is better not to delay with a visit to the professional clinic, because the "older" the scar becomes, the more difficult to get rid of it. 


It is worth noting that the cosmetic effect after the lipoplasty is difficult to predict. Indeed, in this case, the result depends not only on the skill of a plastic surgeon, but also on the individual. One thing is for sure - after the correction the inverted scar will look much better than before the procedure. 

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